My artistic process entails combining layered applications of painting, drawing, smudging, rubbing, texturing
to handmade papers from around the world onto various surfaces.

I often include photographs from my travels, mementos or items from nature, combined with an extensive
collection of antique images and unique objects which inspire me to create these one of kind eclectic pieces.

In order to create more depth in my work I invented a new application technique called, “Plastilaque.” This
is a mixed- media photo process, in which I print on sheets of plastic, then layer the surface with other types
of media resulting in additional depth. My favorite part of this process is that I can constantly explore and
experiment and break traditional ‘rules’ of combining mediums.

This may look like ‘play’ to the casual observer, but during the process I ask myself many “what if’s” and
constantly push boundaries and even create ‘mistakes’. I receive great satisfaction in transforming these pieces
into wonderfully pleasing individual visual icons.  

I work on many pieces at one time, often laying out multiple surfaces and letting torn pieces of paper, fabric,
wood, images or photos dance and move around until a composition/message takes form, or the pieces seems to
speak for themselves. Sometimes immediately or after awhile a certain subject or theme may come into my
mind, or I may sense a feeling of a color and/or shape may dominate.   

This mixed media collage process allows each individual piece to be its own thought and vision and when
layered together they make an illustrated story.

My goals are to tell stories; about ancient civilizations, scientific theories, moral or ethical dilemmas,
paradoxical questions and sometimes to be humorous. I enjoy creating unique pieces in which I ask more
questions than offer answers.  

My artistic process has been so successful that in the spring in 2006 I developed “Connecting through Collage”,
a workshop to share my methodology. I work with small groups guiding them through meditation and
visualization exercises to explore their inner selves through the process of creating collages. The Connecting
through Collage workshops are well attended and continue to be offered many different times a year.

Connecting through my art to my 'inner self' has become a personal treasure hunt.  

I currently reside in Dallas, TX.
Liz London's Artist Statement